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Data security has become a top priority in many companies, reinforcing the need to secure facilities and hot zones from any potential threat to their sensitive data. As more facilities adopt zero-tolerance policies to protect their data, employees and visitors alike are being required to store their cell phones and other personal electronic devices before entering. How do you protect your data while keeping employees happy? We have the answer.

Protecting secure data in your facility means safeguarding against more than just Cell Phones and iPads

Threats to your data can come in many forms. For Instance, devices with a USB charger, such as vaporizers, can conceal USB jump drives. 

Keep your data safe from any potential threat with secure, trackable, individual device storage and retrieval. 

  • Provide convenient access to device during breaks/lunch
  • Avoid repeated trips to the car and through security checkpoints for employees
  • Increase data security 


In spite of the potential threat to data security that cell phones represent, they are an integral part of all of our daily routines. 

Our Secure Check-In/Check-out System allows employees to safely store cell phones on premises, instead of in an unprotected parking lot, unsecured lobby cubby, or space-inefficient lockers. 

  • Store up to 570 electronic devices in a 3' x 3' footprint
  • Reduce risk of damage from heat, uv rays, etc.
  • Ensure compliance with security regulations
  • Keep employees happy!


Download AutoCrib's Check In Check Out System Datasheet